Joey's 1985 AE86 Coupe
May 3, 2004 (11 Images)

Just a few pics we shot off before getting kicked out of the parking lot of some corperate bank building in the area. Hope you enjoy, a feature will soon follow with more pictures on this car..

Jason's 1991 240sx
February 4, 2004 (14 Images)

When Jason crashed we all took a brutal helping of reality. Seeing him strapped to the bed with a neck brace on made us all realise that what happens in the canyons is not some video game, and that there are, in fact, very real risks involved.

Starbux Meet 11.13.03
November 18, 2003 (17 Images)

Any given day of the week you can go to our local Starbux and find some pretty nice cars. These particular pictures were taken on one of the busier nights.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2004
January 18, 2004 (456 Images)

Tokyo Auto Salon showcases some of the most amazingly built Japanese cars in the world. We wanted to give our fellow americans that were not able to attend the show the chance to see the just about every car there.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2004 Girls
January 18, 2004 (149 Images)

We had so many Tokyo Auto Salon pictures that we decided it would be better to divide the gallery.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2003
November 17, 2003 (118 Images)

A friend of ours went to the Tokyo Auto Salon back in January and snapped some great shots. These pictures are just about one year old right now but we guarantee they will hold your attention.

Drift Showoff 2003
March 02, 2003 (17 Images)

Falken Tires and Present Drift Showoff, there was a drift exhibition and "DTM vs. JDM" car show. Regretfuly we only have 17 pictures from this ground breaking event..

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